Wine cork place card holders in agglomerate dark cork

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Wine cork place card holder for wedding and parties

These corks place card holder are pre-cut in the top and flat in the bottom, in Agglomerate cork, custom made. to be used as card holder for weddings, or any special occasion.
100% Natural Cork of High Quality

Your place card holder will be a unique product handmade with a lot of love and dedication for your special day. we always are taking a eye in the small details.

Cork specifications:
44 mm long
23 mm wide
20 mm high
8.5mm slot deep
Supports cards of any thickness
weight: 4 grams
The exhibit card has 80mm x 50mm ( CARDS IS NOT INCLUDED )

Please contact us if you want a picture of the sample before to make the order, 100% free.
for the sample we need:
1. Number of the design that you want.
2. Names of the couple or last name according to
the chosen model.
3. Date of the occasion.

We can make it in your language of preference.

You have a different idea?

Please send in a detailed message with the exact requirements of your ordering.

Shipped 1-2 day after be approved the design and make payment.

A nice vintage detail for you special occasion.

All our packages are send in priority mail with tracking number.

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